The Major Role of Ventilation System for Commercial Building

Commercial Ventilation System

A well maintained Commercial Ventilation System in public building is used for cleaning the air from dust and other various types of particles, localizing, and removing any kind of unwanted odor, and creating a pleasant micro climate. The Commercial Roof Ventilation System of sales areas like shops should be low noise, and hidden from the eyes of the visitors and easy to maintain. Air conditions are used by property owners to maintain a pleasant cool temperature inside their property.

The Major Role of Ventilation in Air Conditioning

Ventilation impacts the air quality, odor, gases, and the excess spread of respiratory diseases. Just because of the above reasons, it is considered as an important element for the HVAC system. The role of ventilation in the air conditioning is –

  • Proper ventilation regulates the temperatures and humidity, so Commercial Ventilation System should be to the point.
  • It also lessens the buildup of contaminants like dust, moisture, bacteria, carbon dioxide and smoke.
  • Commercial Ventilation System creates a passage for the fluid air movement.

The Need For Adequate Ventilation

Air quality can be highly affected by the low level of irritants like pollutant and dust. in areas where there is high humidity in humid or in colder regions, buildings with poor insulation, there is maximum chance of mold growth and other various heath related issues. Accumulation of moisture can eventually destroy the stability of the building, and it also reduces the lifespan of the building causes the requirement for repair. This type of problems can be resolved with proper ventilation, as it ensures good quality air, by cycling out toxin and harmful carbon dioxide from the indoor spaces. A proper ventilation system lifts up the energy efficiency, regulates humidity, provides the thermal comfort, and highly reduces the risk of condensation.

In commercial building, mechanical ventilation is used with proper air handling unit (AHU) connected to ductwork. The ultra-low level commercial property must have good level of airtightness to make it perfect for introducing ventilation.

An exhaust fan is the best and simplest way for mechanical ventilation. In this process there is no heat exchange involved, the incoming air has the same temperature as ambient air. Exhaust fan is mainly used in kitchen and in bathrooms for proper ventilation.

Ventilation and air conditioning system do more than just heating and cooling the commercial premises. Commercial Ventilation System should be regularly maintained for the proper functioning of ventilation. These ventilations modulate the humidity and keep the air fresh inside the building. in commercial building proper good ventilation is the main for the employees and client comfort and health.

Proper ventilation in commercial building is difficult to maintain in commercial property where many people gathers. Without proper ventilation commercial properties gets stagnant air, which makes common people vulnerable to many health issues. Components of ventilation include an air exchanger, filter, fans, dampers, and ductwork, dihumification and humification units. Air cleaners may be incorporated for specific needs. Keeping the ventilation in proper working condition is main for maintaining the quality air. Changing air filters improve the quality of the air indoors. Places like laboratories, clean rooms, operation theaters require independent ventilation system.

Types of Ventilation System

There are two types of ventilation like natural and mechanical. Regular ventilation works by driving strain contrasts among inside and outside of the business building or between one section and one more piece of the business building. Various businesses prefer the mechanical system of ventilation as it requires lower operational and maintenance cost. To ensure enough ventilation in the commercial building, the windows in the well-sealed building should be opened four to five times in a day. Mechanical ventilation system can be an add on method, as these natural methods are used to create assisted ventilation.